Tsegaye kifle nida

He is a new visual artist who is known for his experimental stem work. He wants to be known for solving real-life problems with his paintings.

Choosing Art over Reality

Tsegaye did not start art from the beginning. He was interested in art, but studied Chemical Engineering and decided to get a well-paying job. However, he was unhappy. Despite the opposition of his family, he eventually joined Art School and started pursuing his passion. Because of his knowledge of Chemicals, he was quickly able to establish himself as an artist. He was able to manipulate the paints because of his knowledge of Chemistry.

Artists should be free.

The Ethiopian market is very slow when it comes to buying and selling artworks. You can’t make enough money from art. So, he decided to become a studio artist because the studio supports the artists and it has decent earnings. However, working in a studio came with its own challenges. He felt trapped with the constraints of only painting commercial artworks only. So, he started trying to regain his freedom.

The stories and surprises behind the experimental artwork

He started using experimental prints and drawing to paint homeless people. Every time he walked down the street, he found a very strange charm in the homeless people. They all shine in Tsegaye’s work. “Bird’s nest” also gave him a strange inspiration at first glance.  It reflected their deep desire to have a roof over their head. His works contain the desire to inform the reality of homeless people and make them safe and comfortable through experimental engraving and characterization.

He tries to pay attention to the problems around him and expresses them in his artwork. His dream is to become a symbol of artists loved by young art lovers by creating his own brand. In addition, he wants to be a good influence through his positive energy.  His 119 artworks reflect his heart. The more you see them, the deeper they touch your heart.