Tsegalidet Tefera

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and sometimes the sources are surprising. The key is in how you “see.”


Inspiration of Painting

For Tsegalidet, the best way to come up with creative ideas is to be submerged in the arts and creativity as much as possible! It helps him to surround himself with creative and artistic objects. He also comes up with better ideas when he involves his senses, such as listening to music. He has painted some different pieces in the past decade. Each piece was related to a concept or idea. Color figures in his work yet he experiments and tries different techniques. Art of Music is his latest piece.

Tsegalidet’s Art about Pan Africanism

His Art shows how he see the formation of Africa in Pan African eye. Those colors reflect the deepest strong bonds of solidarity between Africa. That is a True Art from the heart. He sees a great battle in his mind while choosing those colors. His arts are rich by strong colors of African identity with the true character, whereby colors are used to suggest emotional process. There are various interpretations of pan Africanism and one is that Tsegalidet’s art depicts the end of African formation.

Previous Exhibitions

  • Graduated from Russian Center for Science & Culture
  • 2016 National Museum of Ethiopia
  • 2017 10th Annual Art of Ethiopia 
  • 2019 11th Annual Art of Ethiopia