He is a unique Ethiopian artist who enjoys the
combination of experimental collage methods and
In the ongoing “Northern Ethiopian Women” series,
there are works made from collages of unique patterns
and traditional clothes of northern Ethiopia.

Abel, do you have a dream?

When Abel was 13, his father took him to a famous art
academy in Addis Ababa.
Most of the other students had been in class for more
than three months, and Abel, who started later than
others, said,
“I felt intimidated because I felt like I was ahead of
Then his father told him,
“Abel, do you have a dream? Do you want to be an
If so, never give up.”
At that moment, his small dream grew and he decided
to become an artist.

Abel, who longed for Picasso

Abel was especially fascinated by Picasso’s paintings.
Picasso’s sculptural nude paintings and Asian-style
works made him think and paint differently.
Perhaps because of Picasso’s influence, his paintings
have a unique combination of colors.
He intentionally draws a face blue or black.
Other clothes and backgrounds are painted with
colorful patterns and colors.
It depicts Ethiopia’s unique beauty and uniqueness.
Just as Picasso left his own work, Abel is trying hard in
order to leave artworks that are easily recognized as his

Tradition caught my eye

Abel mainly works on the art of collage cloth and painting.
A real cloth containing traditional patterns is added to the
painting to create a unique work.
Most of the characters in his paintings are Northern
Ethiopian women.
The clothes and distinctive patterns of women in northern
Ethiopia are famous for being unique among tribes.
Their unique traditional costumes and culture that
captivated Abel’s heart are reborn in his paintings.
While introducing his work to Korea, he asked for his
unique art pieces to be loved and appreciated.
I hope you enjoy his work, which reinterpreted the
tradition by collage with a traditional cloth.