Tesfalem Shawangzaw

Tesfalem, who founded his own art gallery in his 20s, is an enterprising artist who enjoys challenges. He is trying to change the portrait by using broken glass to express and emphasize the psychology of the character.


Gallery set up in a Park

Tesfalem studied Fine arts and design at Art school. He opened Hope Outdoor Gallery in the capital city of Addis Ababa. The gallery in the wooded park makes his paintings stand out even more. He opened a gallery in the park because it is a place where could breathe fresh air and relax. It is out of the hope that audiences will enjoy his paintings in a good environment.

Express hope in harmony between emotion and aesthetics

Tesfalem, as an artist, tries to blend emotions and aesthetics into his work. From an aesthetic point of view, he tries to figure out how to show the beauty of a work. In terms of emotion, he tries to convey true meaning to people. If either of these things is lacking, he says, his work will feel incomplete. What he ultimately wants to express by combining emotion and aesthetics is Africa’s hope. Life in Africa is never easy, but it has beauty. He believes that pictures can express and fulfill African hopes.

The beauty revealed through the broken glass

His works cross realism and abstractionism. But everyone wants to show the beauty of Africans. The format in which the characters are revealed through the broken glass maximizes expression and expression of emotion. It brings the viewer’s attention to the character. Tesfalem tried not to miss out on the beauty of Africa while highlighting the character’s facial expressions and emotions. Through the patterns and costumes of Africa revealed through the broken glass, one can get a glimpse of African traditions and aesthetic sense. Meeting Tesfalem’s work that expresses the beauty of Africa in its own way. With a hope to fill Africa with hope together.