Solomon Hailu

Solomon is an Ethiopian artist who was born in 1972 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

His Story

•   Attended the Alpha hairy and peered children workshop in 2002 from May – June 2002.
•   Took part in the Listero project 2003 July – September.
•   Solo Exhibition at the Bahir Dar Ghion hotel in 1990.
•   Solo Exhibitions at the Hilton hotel in 1992 & 1997.
•   Solo Exhibition at the National Theater, 2007.
•   Babas Vila art Exhibition, on the memorial of ADWA victory day,2008
•   Ethiopian millennium in Nigeria Lagos 2008.
•   Makush permanent art gallery.
•   Government permanent museum work (art) displayed, Victims of red terrorism museum.
•   Welayeta museum.