Sisay Teshome

A talented young artist from the scenic Debre Sina province. He grew up looking at the beautiful scenery of the mountainous area so, his work strongly captures the colors of nature.


Source of inspiration, hometown

Growing up in a mountainous area with a deep history, Sisay mainly paints portraits of natural colors. If you look at his hometown, where the rocky mountains and grasslands are harmonized, you can see another World. It looks like Sisay’s unique painting characters are living there.

Develop through an art school

After joining art school, his skills developed significantly. While attending art school, he learned various techniques and was able to test his creativity. The anatomical drawing lesson is about how to create the present humanization project. It helped a lot in the process.

Painting is his role in society.

For him, painting is his role in society. “I’m not saying I feel pressured, I mean there’s something I have to express.” Based on his feelings and experiences, he reflects the painting from his perspective. It’s kind of a way of connecting with people, expressing emotions in pictures. He says he thinks it’s his duty to tell the story of his experience. Communicating with people through art, he is moving beyond Ethiopia to the world. He has developed his own unique style. He says he wants to keep trying to inspire other artists.