Shewangizaw Tamirat

“I hope that everyone will move forward together for a better life, just as many colors are harmonized together.”

Majoring in pure art, he mainly draws pictures with soft and elegant painting styles and details. The patterns of traditional tribes are composed of fine patterns, giving a unique impression.

The path to inspiration by the author is infinite. Shewa often gets inspiration from paintings by observing his friends. Especially when he looks at friends who are the same artist, a new inspiration comes. With such a broad sense, it’s the first time he’s ever had a chance to present it to an online platform. He is working on a Series of “Tribe People Near the Southern Omo River”.

For him, a work of art is created with emotion. He wants to help society by expressing deep emotions that cannot be explained using words, through his artwork. It conveys a message of hope to sublimate the difficulties of reality into art and leap into a better society. For him, painting is a combination of beauty and art, which talks about beauty and hope.

Shewa draws a series of works inspired by tribes near the southern Omo River. The reason why he first became interested in tribes living in the Omo River basin is that It was because of their unique face painting. They paint their faces white or draw various patterns on them. Shewa was inspired by these little patterns reminiscent of ancient letters. It is reinterpreted so that it sits closely on the face and depicts it in its own style. The splendid decoration of the tribe living in the Omo River basin is also depicted in the painting. The yellow face and earing against the blue background are shining brightly. Colorful turbans and dark purple tops are also eye-catching.

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Moment of Eternity II

111 x 92 cm

Moment of Eternity I

111 x 91 cm


50 x 50 cm


40 x 50 cm


40 x 50 cm

The Bright Side

40 x 50 cm


40 x 50 cm

Moment To Eternity Ⅳ

60 x 50 cm

Moment To Eternity III

60 x 50 cm