Robel Wolde

Robel Wolde is a professional Artist who was born on May 22, 1993, in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. He specializes in Ethiopian cultural and modern paintings.


Growing up, Robel watched various Mosaic Works on TV and was very amused by shadow. He was highly inspired by shadows and the different shapes and sizes of shadows depending on the time of the day. His works are of his childhood memories where he noticed the shadows behind the people in marketplaces as he walks to school and back. It is a perfect rendition of the shapes formed by the sunlight and people living their ordinary lives.

Previous Exhibitions: Local

  • Group exhibition at Alliance Ethio – France(2012)
  • Group exhibition at Sheraton hotel art of Ethiopia(2017)
  • Group exhibition at Goethe institute – Desta for Africa fana wogi(2013)
  • Group exhibition at National Museum,(2013)
  • Group exhibition at dinq art gallery, (2015)
  • Group exhibition at yab zer art gallery(2016)
  • Group exhibition at harmony hotel (2014)
  • Group exhibition at hilton hotel,(2018-2019)
  • Solo exhibition at Venetian Hotel,(2015)
  • Solo exhibition at Harmony art studio(2016).

Previous Exhibitions: International

  • Group exhibition in Ireland on(2015 and 2017)
  • Al – Bastakiya Art fair in Dubai, (2014)
  • Side arts presented – online art competition in New York City (2018)
  • Ethio-Kuwait cultural festival: 2 person exhibition in Kuwait National Museum(2019).