Fanuel Yilma

He is a young Ethiopian Artist who began his work in 2014. He mainly paints with pencils, and his positive feeling and color combination stand out.


"Art is my Teacher"

Fanuel started painting when he was a child. He learned about his society through painting and he became more positive.  His positivity is clearly reflected in his works. Because he couldn’t afford to buy painting tools, he started using achromatic pencils to paint.  His pencil drawings are the mirrors of his warmth and sensibility.

The driving force of his existence, his Mother.

His mother taught him diligence. He realized not only the attitude of life but also the process of doing art should be sincere. There were times where he couldn’t draw because he didn’t have a canvas. He still managed to paint using whatever tool he could find. The more he drew, the more passionate he became.

About Beauty

His painting style is his own reflection of beauty. Especially, the beauty of women in their ordinary daily lives. Even the harmony of the colors he chose on his art pieces can be evidence of what beauty is to him. One can also see what message he wants to share through his choice of colors.

Harmony between the past and the present

Harmony between the past and the present Ethiopian Tilet, a traditional Ethiopian pattern he often paints, presents his other view of beauty.  He came through “Simple Beauty” and Emphasized that the disorder is not a loss of our culture and identity, rather a harmony between the past and the present. In other words, the combination of traditional and modern beauty will give birth to a whole new beauty. He wants people to know that the beauty he expresses can be passed on to people and anything around them can be beautiful. He says he will continue to paint large-scale works that people can easily think positively of their surroundings.

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