Eyayu Genet

He graduated late from art school in 2018. He is a visual artist whose love for Ethiopian culture is revealed in the painting as much as his passion for art.

The passion that changed my major

Eyayu, who grew up in a rural area 70 kilometers from the capital, studied economics. Then, with a passion for art, he gave up economics and joined Art school.

Capturing rural sensibilities

Perhaps because he grew up in a rural area, artist Eyayu is interested in rural culture. He is working on a new project with a particular interest in rural people.

Talent for sharing

Eyayu was recognized for his talent by holding exhibitions in the United States, Sweden, and France. However, he still continues to teach students using his talents. His dream is to have art spread widely in Ethiopia so that more people can access and enjoy it. To that end, he said he wanted to build a large museum and art school Although he is working in a shabby studio now, he is invested in his work, dreaming of the day his dream comes true. These days, the situation is especially worse because of Corona. In this situation, he was able to show his work to more people through online galleries. “I hope many people will know and love Ethiopia’s deep and impressive culture”.