Art of Africa​

Africa Fine Art Exhibition!

‘Art of Africa’ online gallery is a project designed to promote the artworks and stories of African artists to the international art market and, to support the establishment of their creative foundation.

The mission of the “Art of Africa(AOA)” project is to support African artworks to be well known in the international art market and let individuals participate in succeeding this mission. To accomplish this, the paintings can be owned by one or multiple people who are given the opportunity to fund the painting and own a percentage of the artwork.  AOA use an innovative method of RFID card certification system and the owners of the art pieces will be displayed in a form of holographic images by IOT.

SharePlus is a social entrepreneur corporation in Korea that supports and vitalizes the cultural diversity of Africa, to empower people in their economic, social and health-related issues. Our social mission is to support African artists to developa smart marketing strategy to be connected with developed countries.