Diana Tekleab Zaid

“My works are my own interpretation of pattern art.”

She has been an artist since she was 17. She is a graphic designer in Ethiopia and features a combination of traditional and modern beauty. Diana, a young artist in her early 20s, went to college majoring in architecture. She works as a graphic designer and interior designer. Her graphic design is clean and clear, like an architect that designs buildings using lines and faces.

The Ethiopians didn’t see graphic art as an art. Graphic forms, which were rarely used in Ethiopia, were unfamiliar to the Ethiopian public. She says the new form of art is not recognized by the public, and that’s why her work is even more special. Her recent interest in experimenting over recognition is the combination of tradition and trend. It adds Ethiopian sensibility to graphic patterns such as mandaras and gentankles. She either draws beans or adds traditional Ethiopian patterns. Through this, she is building her own graphic art that can clearly be differentiated from other graphic artworks.

She hopes that her paintings will become more popular so that graphic designers can be active in Ethiopia. “As part of that, I want to do a big project. Do a live show on a big screen or draw big murals. Showing the potential for graphic art mixed with Ethiopian traditions.” It is her dream to be an artist representing Ethiopia.

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