Dejene Deribe

He is an artist who represents Ethiopian tradition and history in modern art. Dejene, who has also held exhibitions in Europe, has 11 years of experience. It mainly expresses the beauty of daily life in Ethiopia.

Fall in love with Ethiopia

He’s had exhibitions in Europe as well as Ethiopia. Dejene is telling the stories of Ethiopians through art. In love with Ethiopia’s rich culture and beautiful people, the idyllic atmosphere of the painting conveys Ethiopia’s tradition and history. Use Ethiopian characters as the background of the painting. He uses special symbols from ancient Ethiopian art to melt them into his paintings. He crosses lines of various thicknesses. It creates a mysterious atmosphere through a set of lines and faces. The combination of traditional patterns and cultural elements adds to the mystical feeling.

The message behind the painting

In his paintings, there are notable things besides Ethiopian life, letters, and traditions. The brilliant light and red circles that often appear in his paintings create a warm atmosphere. It illustrates the sun and implies hope. He always paints the sun together in hopes of hope for Ethiopia. Some paintings have only half the faces of the characters. This is an illustration of the people we see, not everything,  but humans always have hidden images. He paints pictures to promote unique Ethiopian culture around the world. I want to feel Ethiopia’s tradition shining brilliantly. I recommend you to meet Dejene’s painting.