Daniel Getahun

He is a 30-year veteran writer who expresses African traditions and beauty through graphic art. He expresses Ethiopian traditions and culture using the Ethiopian style.


From a shoe designer to a painter

Daniel worked as a shoe designer. He then turned into an artist to express his inspiration and emotions from nature, books, and movies. Because he worked as a shoe designer and learned computer graphics, he was able to naturally become a graphic artist. He’s an artist with 30 years of experience, but he still wants to improve his painting skills. Daniel says he wants to draw a new picture in a variety of ways.

A Painting Connoting Ethiopia

Daniel’s painting shows Ethiopia clearly. The Ethiopian people, characterized by large eyes, pointed noses,  and unique facial shapes, were created with their unique drawings. His paintings depict the daily lives of most Ethiopians. Works depicting Ethiopian culture, the home of coffee,  paintings of Ethiopian flag colors (green, yellow, and red), The story of Ethiopian culture and history, including the lion, the symbol of Ethiopia, is melted into a painting with everyday appearance. Therefore, there are many works that are good to experience Ethiopian culture without burden. Daniel’s dream is to paint various cultures of Ethiopia and to spread them around the world. He took the first step in Korea. If you want to know more about various cultures such as costumes, food, and daily life in Ethiopia, you should pay attention to Daniel’s paintings.


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