Brook Yeshitila

Brook is an Ethiopian visual artist and a self-taught writer. He communicates with the community using visual art and literature. He started his journey as an artist when he was just a seven years old boy. He says his mother gave him crayons for his birthday and couldn’t stop painting ever since.

Brook expresses himself using various kinds of visual art techniques including canvas artworks, sculptural works and crafts. His works are inspired by beauty of nature. He is known for using unique materials for his artworks such as plaster, cement, wire, broken glasses and eggs.

Brook repositioned and designed broken glass to express the reality of disabled people being alienated from developing countries. Just as disabled people find their own way, abandoned glass finds new forms and new opportunities. He believes that people with disabilities should have the opportunity to make their own lives, to work freely, and to shine. He has a dream where proper education and a fair system are established so that they can enjoy their rights. These can clearly be seen in his glassworks.

There is no international art museum in Ethiopia. There are also no curators, art historians, or art dealers. So the talents of Ethiopian artists are bound only to Ethiopia. The capital, Addis Ababa, is difficult to live in because house prices are too high, and at the same time, there are fewer opportunities to sell paintings. There aren’t many ways to promote the painting either. Ethiopian artists are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nevertheless, Brook paints and practices art because he cannot give up art. 

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Little Cell Have Value

33 x 99 cm

The Visible In The Invisible

25 x 40 cm

There Is Always A Creature To Discover

93 x 40 cm

The Capable

101 x 50 cm​

Light never Disappears

101 x 50 cm


50 x 50 cm

Discover The Colors

50 x 50 cm​