Birtukan Dejene

Growing up with her grandparents, Birtukan had a vivacious and loving childhood. She was never inclined to be an artist when she was young, but when she reached 5th grade, she started copying what she saw and what captivated her. She continued with her art journey because of the admiration and motivation she received from her friends.


Art Style

Her works mostly include landscapes and nature. She is especially fascinated in depicting the colorful feelings that foggy, cloudy, and dark days spark. She says her passion is to create, and it has driven her to search for the simplest truth within the world she lives in. Art, to her, is a way to express what is within oneself. 

Her story

When Birtukan graduated from high school, She completed her studies after four years of training in graphics art. She specialized in illustration, photography, design work, and woodcut print. Furthermore, she worked as a cartoonist for local newspapers.  After graduation, she worked for a number of organizations as an artist and teaches at Nazareth School as an art teacher. She left for Germany for a few years for various art projects