Birhan Beyene

She was a wonderful woman who said, “Art makes my environment feel different, and is a source of my imagination.”


Art becomes a goal in life

Ever since she was a very young girl, she used to get compliments whenever she drew something. That’s a simple start to the painting. It is now a mirror of one’s life and a tool of self-expression. As she studied painting, her passion for art grew. Eventually, she chose the path of an artist that is not easy, but she says she is happy to achieve her goal in life.

One's own newspaper

Newspapers are placed behind the characters in her paintings. Newspapers seem just a background, but they are expressions of her beliefs. Emphasizing phrases such as “Write down a list of things you can’t buy with money” or ‘increasing women’s rights”, Birhan expresses herself in her paintings.

My Strong Mother

Most of her paintings are of women, especially her mother. Her mother’s appearance is special to her because her mother raised her alone without a father. She started to draw her mother with a feeling of gratitude because she knew her hard work. Sometimes elegantly and sometimes realistically, mothers are portrayed in Ethiopian culture. Her paintings capture the beauty and strength of her mother. Her mother raised her alone and supported her artistic activities. Now her husband is rooting for her on behalf of her mother. Of course, she needs our support too.