Bereket Zelke

Bereket is a full time studio artist. Nothing makes him happier than bringing his brush to life to create his unique art pieces.


Beginning & Inspiration

Berket Zeleke is a professional artist born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From an early age, he had a deep connection with art.
He started by copying drawings, and when his teacher saw this, he provided him with two months of art courses. After that, he prepared the first exhibition in grade 9. Berket then graduated from Terferi Mekonen and worked in the printing business.
He, however, always felt that was not his calling and became a full-time artist. But life was hard for him at first. He struggled to find his style and was not able to afford the rent of his studio. These challenges made him stronger like iron and he thrived to create beauty in his canvas.

Painters should be inspired by their surroundings and from what they observe. Berket uses his environment for his art.
For him, African women’s beauty, Africa’s Landscape and Pattern catch his eyes. The style he uses is also a reflection of what he sees.
He tries to use shadow to express the figure of his drawing. The pattern he uses is Ethiopian. His arts are a combination of harmonious colors and collage arts. Even after displaying many exhibitions all around the world, he still wants to grow more as an artist.