Bereket Zelke

Bereket is a full time studio artist. Nothing makes him happier than bringing his brush to life to create his unique art pieces.


Who is Bereket?

Bereket was born in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa in February 1, 1993G.C. He completed elementary and secondary school at Entoto Amba school. He was passionate for art so he joined Abbisinya fine art school to study Drawing and painting after a year. He graduated art school with honors. He also studied Sculpture offered by the same school. His passion for art drove him to take every opportunity and therefore, he also took graphics art provided by TMS.

Bereket organized one solo exhibition and participated in more than 15 group exhibitions. He also teaches orphans art as his way of giving back to the community.

His Inspiration?

The origin of Bereket’s work is the beautiful shape he sees in the shadows of attractive women and colorful clothing worn by African women. In addition, he is inspired by the perpetuation /t’ilet/ of Ethiopian traditional dress. With this in mind, he creates painting and collage that highlight the strength and beauty of African women.

For his Art work, he uses different prints of fabrics having patterns of habesha traditional cloth, clothing keys and paper prints as inputs. He has been working on various experiments using these ideas.