Amanuel Girma

He studied architecture and worked on modern and contemporary art with interior design. He started painting when he was in high school, and mainly paints bright pictures with messages of culture, beauty, and hope in Africa.


Painting in Architecture

Amanuel loved nice buildings and spaces since he was a child. He believes that the beauty of well-structured sculptures evokes positive emotions in people. So he studied architecture and works as an interior designer. At the same time, he is also a painter to express his overflowing creativity. Thanks to this background, his paintings have vivid features and stand out for their stable composition.

The Bright and Beautiful African culture

His paintings talk about the beauty of African culture, creating a bright and refreshing color and atmosphere. Amanuel himself says he loves the harmony and atmosphere of his paintings. For him, painting is a rest. During his work, he discovers more creative motifs and has a deep rest at the same time. His works capture the positive energy that comes from creative activities. The atmosphere is bound to be captured in a fun painting. So his paintings are pleasant and lovely.

Life is like the act of drawing

Just as one can draw anything on a canvas, we can also create what we want in life, he says. “The day I give up my dream is the day I give up on myself. Therefore, we need a helping hand so that no one gives up their dreams.“ Doing art allows you to share your feelings without having to say anything. It’s a great idea to promote African culture and to make your space happy with the atmosphere unique to Africa. Hoping his dream comes true.