Alelgn gashe

He is a veteran artist with 20 years of experience who implicitly portrays the beauty of tradition. He loves art more than anyone else and expresses it in a way as beautiful as his artwork.


Art, Art, Art!

The reason Alelgn started art is that…
First, he loved that one painting in his memory, Secondly, it is because the love of nature can be sublimated into art. Art is a means of conveying his imagination, feelings, and thoughts. So whenever he does creative activities, he tries to express what he has never expressed before. That’s why he prefers special patterns and symbols. So that if anyone sees his work, it can be imprinted on his mind for a long time.

The connotation of tradition and its full bloom

Traditions contain a wealth of cultural values. So the main theme of his work is the connotation of tradition. The countryside of Ethiopia retains its traditions and landscape. He gets inspiration from the people who live in it. In particular, he wants to emphasize the beauty and importance of traditional women by mainly portraying women in the countryside. Blue and purple, combined with the traditional scenery of his work, add a mysterious atmosphere. Blue represents the openness of rural people, and purple represents their strength and wisdom. For those who dream of becoming an artist, Alelgn says sticking to his beliefs is paramount. Rather than copying others, it is said that saving one’s own uniqueness is the secret to making art for a long time.

Please enjoy his paintings that capture Ethiopia’s rich culture in his own style.