Abiy Eshete

Art has been showing a great improvement and getting much attention in my country Ethiopia.


He started painting when he was in elementary school and took him Four years to finish and this helped him to increase his skills and He has also a B.A. from Abba university in Art and Ably Eshete is a full time artist and organise different art Exhiitions in his home country Ethiopia Ably is a 35years old Artsit who grew up in a rural area oromia region ,Ethiopia but now he lives in Addis Abba capital city of Ethiopia.

His work focuses on interaction of man with his interaction with his surroundings because he focuses on the city and in diversity. He also focuses on relegious umbrella colour combination and colour attribution and also focuses on african masks and beauty which reveals the oneness among Africans.

The technique he uses on his Artwork is collage by nerging different photograhs with paint and create his work every sing le day he takes different pictures from different angles then he cuts the pictures as needed and pastes them on the canvas Ably Eshete have a medium size Gallery in Best Western Hotel Which is the best hotel in addis located around Bole opposite to Edna Mall and in this Gallery,different Artists displays their works to reach art lovers.