Abel Tadiwos

“I use art as a form of therapy that brings my peacefulness and represents the visual dairy of my feelings and of my life.”


The Beginning

Abel was born in 1988, Ethiopia, and currently lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Abel like many others, grew up with ambitions & dreams of his own that is becoming an artist. From a very young age he aspired to be painting artist and therefore wanted to learn at one of the most prestigious art institutes, Addis Ababa university (Alle school of fine art). However, due to the political situation in the country, he was forced to enroll B.A in Economics from Adama university. After 9 years of detachment from his passion, he was inspired and encouraged to pursue his passion by his friends and family. After 4 years of practicing & experimenting, and taking some courses privately from both Enlightenment & Abissinia art academies, he finally grabbed his brush.

The Inspiration

Abel’s paintings are layers of independent shapes, stacked with precision to imply light, texture, and from. With a balance of both careful color shifts and loud punches of contrasting hues, he creates an art piece harmonious and vibrates with life. His works are designed carefully representational and abstracted.

As the main subject “Prejudice towards woman & children”, Psychological studies show that, Prejudice can color the way we see other people. Social norms and cultural context play a significant role in the types of prejudice a person is likely to hold. When it comes to being colored & women, it’s difficult to penetrate the glass ceiling. So, Abel’s works send the message “color by itself a source of prejudice, rather color should be source of beauty & confidence”. By portraying his own emotion & thoughts, he acknowledges those problems in our society & introduce the audience to the strength, beauty & diversity of each identity.